Dealing with Pests

I want you to have a relaxing and fantastic trip, so here are a few tips for dealing with some of the local insects and wildlife.

Shake out your clothes if they are hanging outside to make sure there aren’t any scorpions or ants on them. Their sting is like a bee sting. Makes your mouth slightly numb but wont kill you.

Jelly fish stings can be treated with vinegar or urine.

Sand flies can be a nuisance if there is no breeze especially at dusk and dawn. I like to bring lightweight pants and long sleeves to keep covered up.

There are mosquitoe nets if you need them. I never use them. I like to sleep with a floor fan in the bedroom which keeps the bugs off.

Malaria is not a big problem in Belize especially on the beach.

The windows are all screened so bugs in the house are not a big problem. Geckos sometimes get in the ceiling somehow and they make a little noise but are totally harmless.

Try to keep the kitchen wiped up or the crazy ants take over. Don’t leave sugar out on the counter.