Things to Do

Diving / Snorkeling

Splash is great. Located on the road to town across from Chabil Mar, they are a first class company. My friends Andrea Villanueva and Lisa Barbara both work there and are wonderful people. Lisa is a marine biologist with a wealth of knowledge and cool projects she is doing to protect the reef.

Day Trips

I recommend taking a daytrip to Punta Gorda – 2 hrs by car to see the Mayan ruins Nim Li Punit or Lubantun. They are small but interesting and totally uncrowded. There are also nice spots to swim in caves and waterfalls there. Blue creek is one of my faves. You can go on a tour, rent a car for the day right in town or even take the bus.

Getting Around

We provide bikes for your use. There are busses that run a few times a day and inexpensive taxis available all the time.